Looking for a room?

Beliving is the easy way to rent a room for a reasonable cost.


Simply by renting a room in combination with, for example, doing simple services.

Attractive living while doing good

With a strong belief that we can be better for each other. BeLiving leads the way to new living solutions benefiting young adults, students, the elderly, and all others that are curious about sustainable togetherness.

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Moving in with a stranger?

A stranger is only a stranger until you get to know each other. Co-living is rising in popularity worldwide and makes good for both relations, society, and the planet. Maybe you need a temporary three-month stay, or perhaps you are looking for something lasting. Regardless of your need, BeLiving brings people together in affordable and attractive co-living solutions.

The right person for you

It ́s all about finding the right living with the right person for you, with trust and safety for both parties. Browse through available apartments and get to know the person(s) living there before taking further steps. We help out with connections, references, basic background checks, and much more throughout the process.

Be good attitude - the key to affordable living?

Our team is dedicated to bringing persons of mutual interest into a co-living situation. By moving in together, we fight loneliness, and if you are willing to offer simple services, you can get paid for your assistance—all leading to a Co-living solution good both for the wallet and heart.

Moving in with a stranger?

We help out with references, basic background checks and ensure initial payment capacity from renters. We also handle leases, collect monthly rent, and facilitate solutions if something is not working or feels strongly unsatisfying from either part.

The right person for you

Our team is helping you bringing people of interest into a high-quality co-living solution.

Once you receive potential tenants, you will get access to their personal information.

If you are interested, you will start an initial contact through our secure chat before proceeding. Before making your final decision, you will get help from our team with the setup and contract before signing your new tenant.

Be good attitude - the key to affordable living?

Welcome a new renter without turning your balance upside-down. It’s your home; therefore, it’s your pricing and your conditions—all with common sense and mutual respect in consideration. Everything is put in a contract for transparency and clarity to avoid grey areas.

BeLiving stories

An art of living endless reasons

"I needed an affordable place to live in Stockholm during my studies."

"I was searching for an apartment for 6 month in Stockholm, due to studies and Beliving was the perfect match"
"I found todays renting pricing beeing extreem, and found BeLiving."
"I looked for a co-living but didn´t expect me ending up liviving with an elderly, but I loved it."
"I heard of Beliving and just loved the idea of helping out in combination with living."
"I was new in the country and needed a cost worthy living and found an sweet Swedish elderly man learning language while living."

How does it work?


Find a living of interest

Browse existing listings and create an interset for those you think match your need.

Create an account

Sign up for service-providing for a chance to combine living while getting paid for simple services.

Contact landlords

Communicate securely through BeLiving. Everyone you meet is verified and background checked.

The right agreement

The BeLiving team will help you put up the contract for living and possible services when you are ready to proceed.

Sign lease

BeLiving will be responsible for collecting and handling rent and services monthly payments for security on both ends.

Your journey begins

Living with someone often results in valuable interactions and possible lasting friendships! What is going to be your story?

Combine living with getting paid for simple services?

Many BeLiving customers are elderly or familys with kids with a room to rent out, and therefore could be interested in receiving some simple services, such as basic cleaning, cooking, nanny services and buying groceries.


When your landlord likes to get help with services, it means that you, as a service-providing tenant, pay rent but also get paid for performed monthly services ending up in a more attractive living cost.


We offer essential services packages your landlord can request monthly. After completed work, you receive a salary for your performed services. You can choose which kind of services you like to provide in your profile or select the alternative only living.

Service packages


8 hours

The small packages are based on a need of 2 hours a week for the small demand.


For example, running errands and cleaning.


12 hours

The medium package is based on 3 hours a week.


For example, running errands, cooking, gardening, cleaning.


20 hours

The large package is based of 5 hours a week for the more regular and extended help of simple services.


We strive to create fair working conditions for our believers. Therefore, we collaborate with Gigger to payout salaries that are taxed, have social fees that include pension, and come with vacation pay.


The income can later be used to lower your living costs by paying rent.

Simple and fair!

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